I’m  a journalism major at Hofstra University on Long Island, where I was born and raised.

I am the web editor for Hofstra’s Pulse magazine. Our Spring 2013 issue is centered around Sandy recovery. On top of managing social media and designing our website on InDesign and Photoshop, I will be assisting with the layout of the print edition, making ad sales, and contributing articles.

I am assisting Professor Carol Fletcher with the social media (more to come) and website for a conference to be held in September 2013 on covering suburban poverty.  The SRI is supported by Poynter and the McCormick Foundation.  If you’re interested, we’re now taking applications.

I am part of the Insider program and contribute to Fanhattan. My contributions to the company’s editorial Voice branch include blogs based on conference calls with television and film stars and creators, as well as lists based on my own entertainment opinions. Next month, I will be covering the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

I’m a multimedia contributor to the Long Island Report, an online publication that covers – you guessed it – the Long Island area.  Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for updates.  Coverage has included Storify and video, as well as plain-text, on the 2012 presidential debate at Hofstra University (I live-tweeted the event from the company’s Twitter page) and Superstorm Sandy.

I also hold the position of publicist and social media manager for start-up company Studio KuNu.  We are a design and entertainment company with personality based out of Long Island with worldwide connections.  Aside from advising CEO/Head Graphic Artist/Friend Steven D’Onofrio, I help to run our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.  We encourage you to come connect with us and watch us grow.

From an early age, I realized I loved writing, reading, and music.  I’ve always been a bookworm, and thus creative writing came as a natural desire in elementary school.  Musically, I’m a singer who has recently taken to guitar and can “play.”  I fiddle with instruments, mostly my voice, and jam with many friends and artists.  Just as importantly, I listen.  I soak up as much music as I can, but I prefer the rock genre and its subcategories.

It took until I was about 13 to convince my unconvinced parents to get a computer, and from then on I was hooked to at least understanding technology on a basic level.  The small, instant world of the Internet had me instantly transfixed, and it still does now.  The future and its boundless possible innovations hold my mind captive.  Insert singularity joke here.

Though this bio is fairly straightforward and possibly flat, I promise I enjoy making people laugh.  Humor is in my heart.  I am often sarcastic or cracking a silly pun.

All the same, I am a restless thinker with a constant desire to learn.  Lately, I’ve been interested in dabbling.  I am a woman of many passions and interests, one of those interests being helping others realize their passions.


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